I’m really upset tonight. My mother triggered me INTENTIONALLY she was trying to get me to walk the dog (who by the way is HER DOG I want a dog one day but I want a proper dog not a little yorkshire terrier and a malti-something like she has) and she called me lazy. She KNOWS calling me lazy triggers me because I’m ill and I have aspergers and it means I can’t go out when there’s a lot of traffic because the vehicle noises panic me and I just can’t believe she was so insnesitive.

I yelled at her and slammed my door and then she blamed ME because the parrot woke up and started screaming stupid words. SHE STARTED IT SHE REALLY UPSET ME and that’s why I made a blog because I NEED SOMEWHERE TO TALK TO BECAUSE MY OWN MOTHER DOESN’T CARE.

I wish I could move out but I don’t have a job I hate it here. I am getting a dog one day though and the dog will love me. I don’t know what breed yet though. What breeds do you like tumblr? 

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