My Mum is a Selfish Bitch

I always have all these plans to talk about, like to blog about? And I consider myself a very good writer so I would like some more practice and blogging is really good for that. But all I ever seem to end up talking about is my mother. 

Ok so she got this cold off someone at work. She KNEW she was getting it because she started coughing the day before. And I’d asked her to get me some stuff on the way home - cat food, some snacks and stuff, and new batteries for my TV remote and cold pills because we’re probably all going to get this stupid cold. So she FORGETS EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE COLD PILLS. And THEN, she went out today and got THE WRONG cat food and TWO snacks which she put in the same bag as the cat food so I can’t even eat them now. And now she’s complaining she feels too ill so she’s not going out again. Wtf? Great, thanks for fucking up a simple request.

And now I can feel that cold coming on with me too so I’m not going anywhere for a while, so we won’t have that stuff at all! Just, ugh. She ALWAYS forgets or doesn’t care about things that are important to me. 

Other bad things that have happened this week:

It’s snowing again. I HATE walking the dogs in snow. And they hate the snow anyway. 

I spilled orange juice on my brother’s bed and he flipped out at me like it was a big deal. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THOSE? And he complained I should remake his bed for him so he slept on the sofa that night until Mum remade his bed the next day. She shouldn’t have given in to him. He’s such a spoiled idiot.

My computer started acting weird I KNOW my brother did something to it.

This cold is going around.

Someone at work got in a huge fight with me and accused me of stealing because she doesn’t like me (sorry but if you’re going to be a racist I will call you out on it) so now I am under review which is just GREAT.

So yeah this week sucks.

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